The recently published Android 13 has some nice, new feature dealing with apps and language.

If you’re multilingual, this might be the best addition to Android 13: per-app language toggles.

Codenamed Panlingual, Android 13 finally brings the ability to set languages on a per-app basis. Ideal for polyglots, the feature makes it convenient to use some apps in a specific language. For instance, one could use Google Chrome in Hindi while interacting with the rest of the phone in English.

Let me give you another example:

It has always been possible to change the language of your Android device in Systems Settings. The new, additional feature named “panlingual” allows the Android user to select an App Language for a specific app. In our Example, let’s change the app language for LinkedIn from German, which is the system standard, to English.

As a result, the e.g. context menu entries of a posting on LinkedIn are now in English.