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Especially in the area of software development, the market has accelerated enormously in recent years. Product cycles of several years have in most cases been replaced by the continuous release of minor updates, possibly followed by a major version change every 6 or 12 months.

Are you developing new software or planning to release a new version with improved features? Then you should already be thinking about how your customers in foreign markets with different local languages and national regulations will use your product. Are you already present in some international markets, or is your competitor?

Agility affects the requirements of your strategy for internationalization and localization of your software. Together with you, we develop an optimal strategy for you and each of your products – always with the goal of realizing the international market launch in as short a time as possible. After all, it’s all about generating sales with your product.

Thomas Friedmann writes in his book “The World Is Flat” about the advancing globalization and explains how more and more barriers are being removed in the world – in other words, the world is becoming flatter. The three biggest barriers are still topography, cultures and language. Overcoming the topographical hurdles is the job of logistics specialists, who get your product to your customers as quickly as possible with the best possible service – all over the world.

We care about language and culture

A localized website is your business card for the international market and the starting point for marketing and selling your product. iLocIT designs a strategy for you for the content to be localized and takes care of the implementation and adaptation to your target audience worldwide. We analyze your website and the underlying technology, whether HTML, XML, ASP, PHP, SharePoint or JavaScript; we take care of the content and technological implementation. In doing so, we also take into account optimization for search engines (SEO) and social media.

Consulting is paramount to us!

The direct exchange and personal contact is crucial for the success of each individual project. Misunderstandings and resulting mistakes are the most common cause of time or cost problems in the execution of a project. For this reason we attach great importance to thorough preparation. All aspects of your international appearance are worked out together with you before the start of a project, prioritized and included in the project plan.

Quality in localization

Quality cannot be determined by a fixed scheme for determining the number of errors in a sample. Each product and project requires an in-depth analysis of the quality to be achieved. The linguistic quality of a company brochure or your website is to be determined and evaluated differently than the texts of your customer support system, which is either only used internally or as a self-help system for customers on your website. For us, the focus is always on maximizing the benefit to the customer – yourself and also your customers!

Modular. Scalable. Automated. Integrated.

iLP – the L10n portal

Our web-based localization platform (iLP) is available in different versions.

Tailored to your needs.

The localization platform is based on the open source solution Weblate!
We are proud of our partnership with Weblate and the excellent team there!


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Agile Software Localization

For our customers, we operate an open source-based localization portal (iLP). Thanks to this system, it is possible to deeply integrate the execution of translation projects into the development process and to automate it to a large extent.


  • Your translation is available faster
  • Costs can be minimized
  • You always have an overview of your projects

Contact us to find out how easily your translation needs can be covered by our portal solution.

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    This is what iLP looks like in practice.