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Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can be utilized during translation:

  • Alt+Home

Navigates to first translation in current search.

  • Alt+End

Navigates to last translation in current search.

  • Alt+PageUp

Navigates to previous translation in current search.

  • Alt+PageDown

Navigates to next translation in current search.

  • Ctrl+Enter or Option+Enter

Saves current translation.

  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter or Option+Shift+Enter

Unmarks translation as fuzzy and submits it.

  • Ctrl+E or Option+E

Focus translation editor.

  • Ctrl+U or Option+U

Focus comment editor.

  • Ctrl+M or Option+M

Shows machine translation tab.

  • Ctrl+<NUMBER> or Option+<NUMBER>

Copies placeable of given number from source string.

  • Ctrl+M <NUMBER> or Option+M <NUMBER>

Copy machine translation of given number to current translation.

  • Ctrl+I <NUMBER> or Option+I <NUMBER>

Ignore failing check of given number.

  • Ctrl+J or Option+J

Shows nearby strings tab.

  • Ctrl+S or Option+S

Shows search tab.

  • Ctrl+O or Option+O

Copies source string.

  • Ctrl+T or Option+T

Toggles “Needs editing” flag.

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